Working Together
Old State House, 1713; Exchange Place, 1984
If you are not local to Boston, how do we work together?

We work almost like we are across the street from one another, except that in the 21st Century we exchange files and documents electronically for immediate delivery. Handwritten notes and instructions can be sent by fax, and e-mail and telephone conversations are very helpful. Old-fashioned personal communication is as essential today as ever.

Using Case CATalyst®'s backup function, back up the transcript, including the AudioSync file, if used, and then upload the backup file to our secure server via the Send Files page of this website. We acquire the job using Case CATalyst's restore function and then work with it exactly as you do on your own computer.

NB: •  Immediate turnaround, expedited transcripts are easily handled with CATalyst work units and Internet folder sharing. Scoping begins a few minutes behind you in the morning and a scoped transcript is ready not long after the proceeding ends.

The most current version of Case CATalyst is always used, leaving no stones unturned in the pursuit of excellence.

The completed job is returned as a CATalyst backup file and includes suggested dictionary updates, global table, wordlist, etc. Jobs are usually returned via a secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant ShareFile server. The update area containing D-defined entries will be sent promptly; you are always in control of your personal dictionary, but it is our responsibility to supply you with the definitions.

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