About Richard Wyble
Apprenticeship  •   Richard J. Wyble's introduction and training into full-time professional scoping were under the exacting tutelage of an active veteran reporter and agency owner, an apprenticeship in the full and best sense of the word.

Professional Experience  •   Scoping/partnering with court reporters was a career shift drawing upon his professional experience of 25-plus years. Wyble's professional life was previously that of a classical musician with continuity of experience as performer, teacher, administrator, and wordsmith, both as a writer and as an editor of others' work.

Industry Experience  •   Scoping full-time from 2002 to present. Serving Stenograph customers since 2006 as a certified independent training agent and from June 2010 to February 2015 as Stenograph sales rep in New England.

Academia  •   His academic background, both graduate and undergraduate, has been in music performance and in sacred music. This means that he brings to scoping, editing, and reporter partnering a history of careful academic writing and research, journalistic experience, superb language skills, and a work ethos of leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of excellence.

Technical  •   Computers have long been one of Wyble's working tools, and he brings considerable technical acumen to bear. We can collectively deal with just about any computer hardware or software issues that arise.

Personal  •   Wyble remains active as a part-time musician, for the same reason that a painter always has an easel at hand, and now fits those activities into working as a full-time scopist. It is, for him, the best of two worlds.

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